To be able to install and use XMM SAS the following software is required or recommended.

Required: +HEASOFT Recommended: Without this sogftware you can install XMM SAS but you will not be able to use its full functionality +xmgrace +ds9



To run XMM SAS you need to:

Initialise Heasoft:


Initialise SAS:

Set your SAS environmental variables
  • $SAS_ODF

    Path to the ODF directory to be analysed before odfingest is run and Summary.SAS after odfigngest has been run

  • $SAS_CCF

    Path to the CCF file, this needs to be set after cifbuild has been run

The following variabels have been preset:
  • $SAS_CCF

    The directory to the XMM Calibration files

  • $SAS_DIR

    The directory to the SAS software

The SAS Initialisation script sasinit is an alias to source setsas.csh or the bash equivalent

CCF Files

The reduction of XMM data requires the current configuration files for XMM

Creating the CCF Library

Create a folder on your system to hold the XMM CCF files. If the SAS installation is to be be shared between multiple users perform this in a shared area (using sudo as needed). Alternativly install it to your home directory. We will use the reduced repository as this meets most needs and is a reasonable size. Example: Download the CCF to ~/XMM/RED_CCF:

cd ~/XMM
mkdir RED_CCF
rsync -a xmm.esac.esa.int::XMM_RED_CCF RED_CCF

RSYNC must be run from outside of the directory